When I returned to blogging, I wanted to start it off with a big blog post talking about where I have been offline for the past year and change. I wanted to share all the wisdom and life lessons I’ve gathered and throw a digital party! But I’m waiting for the party to start when my official “Bookishbelle.com” blog redesign goes through and that’s taking longer than I anticipated.

So maybe consider this a soft relaunch? I’ve been dying to get back into blogging, especially because many of you have been sending me messages asking when I’m going to start again. September 1st is as good a day as any to start.

I’m going to try going back and forth between the NaBloPoMo and the BrittanyHerself September writing prompts and then probably through my own in for good measure. 

Monday, September 1, 2014
Do you find it more helpful to talk things out or to let things quietly rest?

     I have always been the type of person to let things quietly rest. I don’t like talking things out and I hate talking about my own emotions and feelings. On the other hand, I love listening to people talk about their problems and their fears. I think it’s the same as reading a good book, except there is an actual person in front of me. I love listening to stories of where a person has been, what they’ve done, who they’ve loved. When I meet someone new I want to give them coffee and sit them down and say, “Okay, tell me everything.”

    In previous relationships, when something is bothering me, I notoriously don’t talk about it. (It’s not a good thing, I’m wholly aware of that.) My reasoning being, is that I don’t like to start an argument unless I really really have to. If something happens, I think it over for a hour or so and then bring it up if I think it’s worth talking about. I consciously make a point to not nag other people because I have such an aversion to being nagged. Basically I operate under the theory that let people do what they want, and if our messes (whether it be in friendships or relationships) get along together then everything works out. 

   And so that’s it for today. Hello again, blogging world.