His birthday is in two weeks and I got him something. Rather, I stole him something and I won’t tell him what I did to risk jail time for. He asked me question after question and I wouldn’t give in.

I said, “Who are you, Sherlock Holmes, trying to figure out your gift?”

“Elementary, my dear Watson.”

“You know, in the books Holmes actually never said that? In the books he simply says, ONCE, “Elementary” said he meaning Holmes. “Elementary, my dear Watson” was actually made popular by the TV show staring Basil Rathbone.”

I nodded and he did too.

“I take literary Holmes very seriously,” I said.

A little while later he tried asking more about his present and I said, “Stop Holmes!”

And he held up an imaginary magnifying glass and said, “Elementary my dear Watson. I mean, Elementary, said Holmes.”

And I grabbed his face and gave him the biggest, feel it in your toes, kiss.

“I love you. You’re perfect,” I said.

Oh, how such a small thing can win over a fangirl heart.