1. Visit the northern lights (preferably in Norway)
  2. Go to London and see the Paddington Bear statue & 221b Baker’s Street
  3. Go to Paris and visit Shakespeare & Co bookshop, the cafes where Hemingway & the 1920s crew hung out, the steps from “For Lover’s Only”, do the entire walk through from ‘Before Sunset’
  4. Go to New Zealand and do the 3 week long Lord of the Rings tour
  5. Have a book on the New York Times best seller’s list
  6. Have a room be strictly a library/ office
  7. Meet Tom Hanks
  8. Visit a castle somewhere (anywhere!)
  9. Go to Tokyo and stay at the Park Hyatt hotel from Lost in Translation
  10. Make a replica of Belle’s dress from the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast and wear it to a convention

(I wrote this quickly, listing off the first things on the top of my head. I love how most of them are about traveling and more specifically: traveling to movie locations. Also important to note that I want to do all these things with someone I love. Maybe not the Tom Hanks thing, because nobody needs to see me fangirl to the max, gushing about how much his movies made an impact on me especially-That-Thing-You-Do!-because-it’s-a-perfect-movie-and-that’s-how-I-learned-how-to-kiss-by-watching-the-last-scene-and-it’s-so-amazing-you-have-no-idea.)